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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Shoulder Injury sidelines Deer Hunter

'Fluke' injury to exceptional Sportsman will require up to two weeks to heal!
The Beard Times

Fairbanks, Alaska O.G. Beard will miss two to four weeks after injuring his shoulder while hunting last Friday night in the home opener.

The exceptional Sportsman strained his right shoulder, but will not need surgery.

Beard said he was hurt on the first or second rung of the treestand but didn't tell anybody until late Friday night. He said it was a "fluke thing" that occurred while “climbing. "I think my hand got caught on a branch or something. I kind of felt something weird with it," Beard said. "I just kind of felt like I jammed it. I kept hunting."

Beard flubbed a shot at an 8pt buck during the opening drive. By night’s end, he was getting his shoulder iced, his stats sealed at 1 shot and 0 bucks.

While Beard wasn't sure when he got hurt, he drew his bow twice on his first official outing of 2006, so he considers the trip a success.

On the flubbed shot, Beard said he was trying to pull back an arrow, when the deer spooked and ran away."I didn't really have my full strength in my arm, so I think that probably may have contributed with him running away," Beard said.

The next morning revealed the damage to Beards shoulder was more painful that previously thought. His right arm was stationary and partially dragged all that day.

"I feel like I'm a quick healer," Beard said. "Once I have some time away from the range to rest, the healing process will start. ... I'm going to try to get back as soon as I can."

After Friday's injury, two MRIs have come back clear, but with the release of Madden 07, Beard still plans to sit on the couch for several more days because he still doesn't feel right.

If things go well, perhaps Beard will return during the 2006 Bow Season. If there are any setbacks, it's possible he doesn't return until November 3rd, the Rifle Season opener.

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