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Friday, September 29, 2006

Huge Whitetail Deer Harvest Predicted

The 2006 Whitetail Deer hunting season should provide hunters with a bountiful harvest. Dry summer conditions and warmer winters have dramatically increased the size of the Whitetail deer herds across the upper Midwest. With favorable conditions, a lot of hunters should be shooting a lot of deer this season. Not only should the harvest be excellent, but the amount of Trophy Bucks taken should also increase.

With these thoughts in mind, I headed into the woods of northern Minnesota this weekend to scout, check the stands and make sure my arrows were still flying true. It was a dismal weekend for Bow Hunting. As I made my way through the fields, I was greeted with rain, wind and DEER. I have never seen so many deer out in the fields as I did this weekend. At one point, I stopped and just counted the Bucks. Six Bucks were engaged in different stages of grazing and bedding down right out in the open and I didn't even bother trying to count the does. All I could think about was how quickly I would have filled my intensive harvest tags had it been rifle season.

Upon reaching my stand, the rain and wind picked up considerably. I sat for about 2 hours before a big 8pt buck crossed in front of my stand. It was moving quickly and as I drew back my bow, the deer stopped then immediately bolted toward the fields. Disappointed and with night approaching, I decided to leave the stand and see if I could get a clear shot at one of the feeding giants. I made my way through the trail and finally reached the clearing with a clear view of the pastures.

I was greeted by the site of 3 deer feeding within 50 yards of my position. I notched an arrow and slowly crept towards them, walking along side the field as to not draw their attention towards me. I was within 35 yards when the 8pt noticed me, I drew back my bow and decided to try my luck. I let the arrow fly and wham...A direct hit.....into the ground.

The deer, being alerted to my intentions, bolted for the safety of the deep woods. Wet, cold and thoroughly dejected I decided to call it a night and try my luck in the morning. Though my hunting didn't produce any spoils, the scouting information regarding the size of the herd was extremely uplifting. I can't remember the last time I saw as many deer on the back 80 as I did this weekend. I predict a great harvest and one of the best chances for a trophy in as long as this hunter can remember. Good Hunting!

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