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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Avian Bird Flu not a factor

Good News from the CDC, the feared Avian Bird Flu does not appear to be a threat to this year Deer Hunting Season.

"It's just a stroke of good luck", say local hunterEarl Bilkowski, "Me and Mah have been scouting the swamps since May looking for signs of that darn bird Flu, I guess it's now official ( tearful pause) we missed the big one." Several other area residents showed visible signs of relief as they read the announcement.

" We've been preparing for the worst; diggin bunkers, gathering supplies." Earl continued. " I have over 400 cases of High Life stored out in my stand."


A highly pathogenic form of avian influenza (bird flu), also known as H5N1, is killing both wild birds and domestic poultry in southeast Asia. Thankfully, this type of bird flu has not been found in any deer in North America, including the beloved Whitetails. While some people in southeast Asia have developed avian influenza after close contact with domestic poultry, there are no known cases of humans contracting avian flu from contact with Whitetail Deer anywhere in the world.

Given the latest information, there is there is no reason for Whitetail Deer hunters to be overly concerned about avian influenza when handling their kills. Basic hygiene, primarily hand-washing and use of latex gloves when handling any wild animals or carcasses is always recommended, and venison should be cooked thoroughly (165F) to kill disease organisms and parasites that might be present.

Similarly, stand side deer feeding is not currently a concern, however, routine care and cleaning of deer feeders and deer baths are recommended for preventing the spread of other diseases among the herd.


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