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Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Deer Hunting Stories from Minnesota

Everyone remembers their first time shooting a Buck. Please share your stories and pictures of your first Deer.

I shot my first Deer in November of 2004. We were hunting private land in Pine County, MN and it was freezing outside. Swede and I were stand hunting and after sitting for about 2 hours in 12 degree weather, I was frozen. I hadn't seen nor heard a thing except for the farmers donkey, when i heard that " Snap". I looked behind me and there was a nice 9pt just walking along, smelling the rut, without a care in the world.

I slowly turned, raised my 30.06 and fired.....CLICK! My rifle misfired, so i quickly rechambered my bolt action, raised my rifle and ClICK!...Another misfire. This happened 2 more times, before I had to completely reload my rifle. Surprising, the Deer didn't even noticed me. It continued to slowly walk, it's nose to the earth, completely oblivious to my frantic attempts to get my damn gun to fire.

So, now i have reloaded my rifle and sure enough, I cant see the deer anywhere. Looking through my scope, I final catch a glimspe of its tail through the woods. My first shot misses and yet the deer doesnt run. I reload and fire again....BANG and the Deer disappears.

At this point, I am crushed as I figured there was no way that I had hit the deer. I climb down from my stand and walk in the general direction of where I think the deer was standing. As I approach, I see it laying on the ground...No blood nothing...I had hit it in the spine and dropped it where it stood. The Deer never knew what hit it

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