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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Google search reveals forgotten past

Search engines like Google help people communicate, access valuable information and browse through billions of web pages more rapidly and efficiently than ever before. Search engines are the perfect combination of research assistant and historian, as they make finding useful information a breeze, yet they archive data and never forget.

The power of the search has changed our world forever and until today I would have said that almost all of the changes have been for the better. I quickly learned that Power, even power contained by a cluster can be dangerous. Everything was just fine....

Until I Discovered This!!

This blazing Orange horror scorched my eyes as my mind begged me to say it wasn't so. I felt sick, much like a trapped rabbit with no where to run. How could it be that the original version of our web page was still alive? Why oh why oh why!!!

I understand maintaining a database of historically valuable documents or dot coms, but how can storing a site like this benefit anyone?

I understand our original desire to have a website, I just don't remember it looking quite like this. I also vaguely recall writing:

"Join Ole GreyBeard, The Big Swede and friends on their annual journey into the wilderness. Heroes to beards and the men who grow them, these warriors eat chili, search for deer and answer the call of duty, whenever duty calls. See, Smell and Taste the Adventure! "It's not a season, It's a way of Life!" -

but it was much funnier when originally created!

What will my friends on Twitter blurb about me now?

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