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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Humor is in the Eye of the Beard Grower

Humor: How does one define Humor?

wit: Humor is "the mental faculty of discovering, expressing, or appreciating ludicrous or absurdly incongruous elements in ideas, situations, happenings, or acts," with the added information that Humor is distinguished from wit as "less purely intellectual and having more kindly sympathy with human nature, and as often blended with pathos."

Hmm, that was helpful!

Let's try again,

Humor: "a facetious turn of thought," or more specifically in literature, as "a sportive exercise of the imagination that is apparent in the choice and treatment of an idea or theme."

Isn't there something about that word "sportive," on the lips of so learned an authority, that tickles the fancy and appeals to the sense of humor?

This is F&^%$ insane, forget Webster, let me peruse the handy dandy Deer Beard Hunting for Hillman Guide Book. I will look in the Humor and Funny Pictures section.....O.K. This might help.

Humor: Hearing 6 shots ring out in under 3 seconds 10 minutes into Deer Hunting opener. Learning that not only did the hunter need all 6 shots, but that he had also been try to get signal on his cell phone when that hapless whitetail deer made its early morning appearance. Now there's a funny picture.

also see the follow:

2. Humor:
Another Deer Hunting funny picture that comes to mind is walking across the field, near dusk, and seeing a blaze orange blob sitting in my deer stand. Was it a mirage? Did I have hypothermia? Had I fallen off the wagon, gotten tanked down at Lucky's last night and now I was hallucinating that a gigantic, sun like hunter was sitting upon the Prized Throne of Beard Pride? If I were bow hunting or elk hunting I might have let it go, but the prize for this hunter was a Whitetail deer.....Whitetail deer, the most coveted creature to ever grace the wooded lands of the USA.

White Tail Deer, now this is a prize worth fighting for. Hearing the music from deliverance in my head, I had to quickly decide if I was going to confront this intruder...

humor is seeing that Bow hunting video when the deer gets pissed and just beats the bow hunting guy senseless. Whitetail deer are nothing to mess with when there mad or rutting. Now imagine what would happen if you crossed bow hunting with elk hunting and the animal got all irate about your trying to shoot it in the back with a friggin arrow....Neither Bow hunting nor Elk Hunting is for wimps.

I have never tried bow hunting or elk hunting, but I bet both would be challenging and fun. Actually, I just bought a bow last week, as the whitetail deer bow hunting season starts in like 5 days. I am going to go practice a bit and then try my luck. I also have some friends that are going to be Elk hunting in Colorado this October. We will have funny pictures and great stories to share upon their return.

Oh yeah,
I think when Frank the Tank chugs beer bongs in "Old School " after talking about another sweet weekend at Bed Bath and Beyond ( funny picture)that's Humor.

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