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Sunday, September 03, 2006

61 days til Glory

September is here and I'm 10 days into my DeerBeard.

I wanted to get a head start this year as beards are a must have for Deer Hunters. What is a DeerBeard? They are the beards grown by otherwise clean shaven men, solely for the Deer Hunting Season. It's main purpose is warmth and protection from the elements. Secondly, it offers in-stand entertainment for its owners as there's not a whole lot to do in a tree stand, so playing the " get that darn whisker away from the corner of my mouth" game can kill lots of time.

DeerBeards offer a conneciton to something bigger, something instinctual, for its owners. For example, I can now enter any suburban outfitters and feel right at home with the other ruggeds; I can shop for blaze orange, confidently discuss various types of doe urine, and refer to everyone of my bearded compadres as Buddy. A Deerbeards is a membership card into the club of men. It says, "I take my coffee black, change my own oil and can a drop a deer from 200 yards". If only that bumper sticker would fit on the back of my Honda, I would be set.

My beard is here and I am ready for action. 61 days til Glory, but who's counting?

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