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Monday, May 14, 2007

Thousands of Free Video Games Released After Four Months of Development

Nome, May. 14 -- 2500 Free Video Games held in beta for four months were released on Sunday and should be ready for action in time for Monday's return to work, announced, bringing cheers across a nation that had anguished over their impending workweek.

"I have a profound joy in announcing to you that all 2500+ Free Video Games have just been freed by our Developers," Spokesman Ole GreyBeard told the upper house of Parliament as gamers erupted in applause. spokesman Chet Norris said the video games were expected to be released last Wednesday, but he game no details regarding the delays. The games, including Big Bucks Revenge 2, were handed over for release at 10.51 p.m. last evening, said Norris


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